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An imaginative turtle that simply spreads good humor

Turtles are known to symbolize wisdom and anyone who does puzzles in their free time is a little wise themselves. Because doing puzzles stimulates the imagination, trains our memory and powers of abstraction and practises movement sequences. That's why puzzling is a wonderful exercise for children and people of all ages. When you end up with a beautiful picture like the colorful and magical turtle, there's no stopping your ambition. The turtle looks like an artistic manga, but in this case it was created entirely without pencils.

Lovely and colorful turtle as a magical wooden puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful, entertaining and challenging pastime that can captivate young and old alike. When the puzzle is as attractive as the lovely and colorful turtle made of real wood, the pleasure of solving the puzzle is all the greater. When the turtle is finally finished, you will never want to destroy it again. But all family members should definitely take up the challenge before the turtle can adorn the wall as a permanent picture and delight the soul.

The first puzzle from Vision Sea Life

Not all jigsaw puzzles are the same, as you will realize when you see the complex and unique puzzle from Vision Sea Life. With this robust and high-quality puzzle, you can create a world of your very own. The lovely and colorful turtle will also cast a spell over you and add a little happiness and joy to any dull day.

You will also receive a secret access link for each puzzle, which you can use to track your sea turtle. You can give it its own name, find out its history and follow its movements on a real-time tracking map. So you can keep an eye on your sea turtle every day!

Once the rescued turtles are ready to be released into the ocean, a team of researchers will attach a small, harmless and non-invasive GPS device to them so that we can track their rehabilitation and study their migration patterns 📍.

In this way, the turtles can be protected from the risk of ending up as bycatch in deep-sea fishing. At the same time, you can follow the turtle's exciting daily life!

Note: There are no additional costs for tracking and it is not time-limited.

By combining a puzzle with a powerful symbol and a unique tracking experience, we hope to raise your awareness of sea turtle conservation and help you discover their exciting life in the world's oceans. 🌎

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Model size in cm: 30 x 26
Number of parts: 180
Difficulty level: Novice
Assembly time: 2-5 hours
Age recommendation: 6+
Material: Environmentally friendly plywood

You will then receive by email:

A link to fill out and print your certificate. (Certificate can be filled out at any time)

The certificate contains the name of the recipient, the pet name they chose, the date it was created and the unique certificate number.

Also shown is a QR code that you can use to track the animal.

You can find all your animals and certificates in your member area. Please register here .

For each piece of jewelry you will receive a personalized certificate including a unique QR code to track your animal.

Perfect to give as a gift to your loved ones!



With any piece of jewelry you can a turtle on your phone, Track tablet or computer!

Your personalized sponsorship certificate

Every piece of jewelry helps

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1 KG plastic per piece of jewelry

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frequently asked Questions

Why are turtles tracked?
Since most research on sea turtles has been conducted on nesting beaches, and well over 90% of a sea turtle's life is spent in the water - feeding, mating, migrating, and everything else a sea turtle does when no one is watching, We are missing important information that can help us better protect sea turtles. To adequately protect sea turtles in all their habitats, we especially need to know more about their migration patterns, their behavior at sea, the locations of their marine habitats, the ways in which the turtles use these different habitats, and the turtles' migration routes between them Experience habitats. Satellite telemetry (tracking an object on Earth using orbiting satellites) has become so advanced that researchers can track turtles in the open ocean after attaching a Platform Terminal Transmitter (PTT) to a sea turtle's back.
How are sea turtles tracked?
There are currently three common methods for attaching a transmitter to a sea turtle. Two methods apply to all sea turtles except leatherbacks. The first method uses fiberglass and resin to create a hard shell that is placed over the transmitter and secured to the tank. The second method uses a heat-resistant epoxy to "glue" the bottom of the transmitter to the turtle's shell. Due to their unique shells, none of these methods can be used on leatherback sea turtles. Instead, the transmitter is attached directly through the spine.
Does it hurt the animals?
Proper attachment methods are designed to not injure the sea turtle, damage its shell, or increase the risk of the turtle becoming entangled. While researchers continue to develop new techniques to reduce impacts on sea turtles, attaching a transmitter creates some additional resistance while the turtle swims. Researchers have observed that females successfully return to the nest after attaching a transmitter, suggesting that a transmitter has no effect on sea turtle migration, feeding, and mating behavior.
What does it mean when someone gives you a turtle bracelet?
Giving someone a turtle bracelet can have a number of meanings, and finding the meaning that suits you can be a very personal experience. The most common associations with sea turtles include protection and prosperity, as sea turtles live long, full lives and are protective creatures.
What do turtles symbolize on jewelry?
Turtles are associated with a number of associations in the jewelry world: longevity, endurance, wisdom, wealth, fertility and protection. All this reflects the long lifespan and high fertility of these gentle ocean giants, protecting each other and other animals in the sea.
How long do sea turtles live?
Sea turtles have a life expectancy comparable to that of humans. It can be between 50 and 100 years. Interestingly, female turtles can continue to lay eggs and nest until they are around 80 years old.
Do sea turtles have 3 hearts?
Sea turtles have only one heart, which consists of three chambers. This is common in most reptiles. However, scientists are beginning to observe the formation of a septum in one of the chambers, which may soon divide it and create a fourth chamber.
How many sea turtles are there left?
In total, there are an estimated 6.5 million sea turtles left in the wild. Population numbers and threat of extinction vary from species to species, as some species are not endangered while others are at risk of extinction within the next twenty years.

Customer Reviews

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Nenni W.
Geschenk mit Sinn

Superschönes und wertiges Puzzle! Bin begeistert.

Jutta K.
Sehr schön

Das Puzzle ist sehr schön und macht Spaß zu Puzzeln kann es nur empfehlen 😉

Claudia H.

Das Puzzle ist super schön lohn sich.


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