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You will receive a secret access link for each sponsorship, which you can use to track a lion (African lion). You will learn its name, its history and can follow its incredible journey on a real-time tracking map. Keep an eye on your lion every day!

Every sponsorship actively protects animals. Collect them to save more lions!

Note: The sponsorship is a one-off payment. There are no additional costs for tracking and it is not limited in time.

From an order value of €30, you can choose a gift. Simply click on the gift on the right-hand side of the screen or go to the gift section. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Digital product for download. No shipping by post.
You will then receive by email:

A link to fill out and print your certificate. (Certificate can be filled out at any time)

The certificate contains the name of the recipient, the pet name they chose, the date it was created and the unique certificate number.

Also shown is a QR code that you can use to track the animal.

You can find all your animals and certificates in your member area. Please register here .

For each piece of jewelry you will receive a personalized certificate including a unique QR code to track your animal.

Perfect to give as a gift to your loved ones!


Lion Sponsorship

With every sponsorship you can a lion on your phone, Track tablet or computer!

Your personalized sponsorship certificate

Every sponsorship helps

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frequently asked Questions

Why are lions tracked?
It helps avoid conflicts between lions and humans. By knowing where the lions are, our team can warn herders not to move their livestock to where the lions are, thereby preventing the lions from killing the livestock. When lions kill livestock, the livestock owners/herders become very angry and would want to kill the lions in retaliation.
How are lions tracked?
We track the lions by putting GPS-enabled collars on them. The collars send hourly, real-time GPS points via satellite. The collars have a trigger mechanism with an internal clock that the researchers can program. Typically, researchers set the timer so that the collar drops off just before the batteries run out and the collar stops transmitting. Additionally, the collars are attached with steel nuts and brass bolts that corrode in salt water, so the collar can fall off even if the release mechanism fails. Once they fall off, researchers can use GPS tracking to find the collar again (as long as it is in a discoverable location), download all the stored data, process it and send it out again.
Does the collar harm the lions?
Tracking does not harm the lions at all. The collars were specially made and are very comfortable for the lions. The lions are still able to carry out their activities even with the collars on
What are lions afraid of?
Lions' greatest fear is humans, who have hunted and killed them in the wild, making them a greater threat to lions than any other animal. Aside from humans, lions also avoid giraffes and elephants, both of which are larger and can easily injure lions in violent encounters.
What do lions eat?
As carnivores at the top of the food chain, lions can choose a variety of smaller and weaker animals to feed on in the wild. They most commonly hunt and eat warthogs, gazelles, wildebeests, zebras and other smaller ungulates. They often prey on animals that are already injured or weakened, making them easy targets.
What does a lion bracelet mean?
A lion bracelet is intended to convey the characteristics of these majestic creatures to whoever wears it. Lion bracelets are believed to bring the wearer strength, power and wisdom, three qualities that make lions the kings of the jungle.
What does the lion jewelry stand for?
The elephant is a symbol of luck. For this reason, wearing elephant jewelry is said to bring good luck to the wearer, and giving elephant jewelry as a gift is a way to wish someone happiness and joy.
What is a female lion called?
Female lions are called lionesses. They are smaller and faster than male lions and do not have the easily recognizable mane that adult males have, making them better suited to hunting and gathering food for their cubs and male partners.
Are lions afraid of people?
Lions are afraid of humans because they have had conflicts with them in the past. This fear appears to be learned, as young lion cubs exhibit curious behavior toward people and human activities, but they are trained by their parents and adult lions to fear and avoid humans as they grow older.
What do lions need to survive?
Like most animals, lions primarily need food and water to survive. While they can survive for up to four days without water, the amount of food they require is significant. Adult females need to eat about eleven pounds of meat daily, while adult males need about sixteen pounds.

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