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You will receive a secret access link with each bracelet, which you can use to track an elephant (African savannah elephant). You will learn its name, its history and can follow its incredible journey on a real-time tracking map. Keep an eye on your elephant every day!

A small bracelet. A big vision.
Note: There are no additional costs for tracking and it is not limited in time.

By combining a bracelet with a powerful symbol and a unique tracking experience, we hope to raise your awareness of elephant conservation and help them discover their exciting lives in the savannahs. 🌎

From 30€ order value you can choose a gift. Simply click on the gift on the right-hand side of the screen or go to the gift section. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Material: Turquoise howlite, charm made of gold-plated/silver-plated stainless steel (waterproof)
Bracelet length: 15.5-25cm inner circumference

Deviations in color, contour and structure from the product image are natural and normal for natural stone.

You will then receive an e-mail:

A link to fill in and print your certificate. (The certificate can be filled out at any time)

The certificate includes the name of the recipient, the chosen animal name, the creation date, and the unique certificate number.

It also features a QR code that allows you to track the animal.

You can find all your animals and certificates in your member area. Please register here.

You will receive a personalized certificate with each piece of jewelry, including a unique QR code to track your animal.

Perfect for gifting to your loved ones!


🐘 Bead Bracelet Metal

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  • Green Gold - $27.00
  • Green Silver - $27.00
  • sand gold - $27.00
  • Turquoise gold

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Frequently asked questions

Why are wild animals tracked?
Wild animals are tracked for various reasons. On the one hand, this serves to protect endangered and threatened animals. By tracking them, scientists can better understand their behavior, migration and ecology in order to take appropriate conservation measures and preserve their habitats.
How are wild animals tracked?
Wild animals are tracked in various ways. One common method is satellite tracking, in which satellite transmitters are attached to the animals. The transmitters send signals to satellites in orbit, which are then relayed to receivers on earth. This allows scientists to track the movements and location of the animals in real time.
Does it hurt the animals?
As a rule, most tracking methods do not cause any pain or discomfort to the animals. The satellite transmitters that are attached to them are designed in such a way that they automatically drop off after a while. The acoustic methods also cause no pain, as the microphones only pick up the animals' natural sounds. They are not directly touched or disturbed during photo-identification.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Emil R.

A piece of jewelry with meaning – the bracelet allows me to follow the journey of an elephant live, which is very close to my heart.

Ivan G.

What a great idea to combine fashion with conservation. I love the GPS tracking of the elephant!

Helena Z.

Both stylish and functional, I can't believe I can track an elephant live thanks to my bracelet.

Ulrike E.

Every time I look at my bracelet, I think of the elephant I'm tracking - it makes my piece of jewelry even more personal.

George M.

This bracelet exceeded my expectations, the jasper stones sparkle and the GPS tracking of an elephant is a real highlight.

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